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What if they are wrong?

20 December 2021 |
Active ESG
Although we share the view that current inflation is transitory, we are - in this edition of Spectrum - asking investors to think the unthinkable and consider their portfolios from the point of view of the worst case scenario
Inflation: what if they are wrong?

When inflation woke from its decade-and-a-half long sleep in the spring of 2020, there was the widespread presumption that it would fade away by the summer. Now, on the cusp of another winter of rising prices, even the chair of the US Federal Reserve admits that “we have to be humble about what we know about this economy.”

The factors influencing inflation are complex, varied and non-linear. No two sectors, asset classes or portfolios will be impacted in the same way and there is no history that quite aligns with where we are now. This edition of
Spectrum has been a call for vigilance.

Inflation: what if they are wrong?

Inflation: what if they are wrong?

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