Spectrum Q3 2023: No robots were harmed in the making of this report

In a 1962 collection of short stories, sci-fi sage Arthur C Clarke postulated his third law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Now, as we push through the second decade of the 21st century and into a future seemingly set up for AI, Clarke’s law appears more apt than ever. Through the […]

Obbligazionario sostenibile: le risposte alle domande degli investitori

Prima domanda: Come funziona in pratica l’engagement nell’obbligazionario? La nostra esperienza pluridecennale di forte engagement nei confronti delle società che emettono debito dimostra che l’engagement nel settore obbligazionario sia altrettanto efficace che nell’azionario e vantiamo un solido track record che sottolinea l’efficacia dell’engagement nell’influenzare la condotta aziendale. Il nostro team di stewardship e i nostri […]

Meet the Manager: Orla Garvey

What’s your role at Federated Hermes? I’m a portfolio manager in our credit team, and joined Federated Hermes in June of 2022. I co-manage our Sustainable Investment Grade product with a particular focus on rates and inflation-linked markets. How did you get started in your career? In truth, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted […]

360°, Q2 2023

Divergence, duration, dislocation

Overlooked and underappreciated: The case for Korea

 At the end of May 2023, the Federated Hermes Asia ex-Japan Strategy’s key country active overweight remains Korea, at +13.96% relative to benchmark, whereas the strategy’s main underweight is India, sitting at 16.83% below the benchmark, as shown by Figure 1 below.1 We prefer Korean stocks because they currently present very cheap valuations amid improving […]

Putting the ‘investment’ in investment grade credit

Skycraper buildings

Why now? Yields are at decade highs: Yields, which sit at almost 5% for the global investment grade market, are looking very attractive. Historically, and looking at the past decade in particular, yields are now at the highest level seen for the investment grade market, as demonstrated in Figure 1 below. This indicates that a […]

European Equities Sustainability Report

Fast reading: The electric vehicle (EV) market has the potential to deliver strong growth and long-term outperformance both in terms of financial returns and driving sustainable change. Companies that provide key components to the auto industry and boast significant market share can provide a compelling way to gain indirect exposure to the market. We prefer […]

Sustainable Global Equity Report, Q1 2023

China’s ‘great reopening’

Lifting the lid on packaging and food waste

Plastic packaging has a key role to play in the global food system, protecting perishable items and extending the shelf life of fresh produce. However, this is exacerbating the problem of plastic pollution, with progress to reduce plastic waste driven mainly by recycling, rather than the elimination of single-use plastic. Estimates published by climate action […]

Biodiversity Equity Report, Q4 2022

Grow more; grow smarter